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Foam Products for Acoustic Applications

Foam is ideal for high value specialty applications, e.g., acoustic applications.

Foam is ideal for high value specialty applications. For example, Rogers has provided materials solutions for acoustic applications that range from industrial compressors to vehicle passenger compartments to headphones (and many others). These applications benefit from foam’s ability to act as an efficient sound absorber. Foam layers as thin as half an inch can absorb sound in the frequency range of 1200 to 7000 Hz. Manufacturers can implement thicker foam to absorb sound frequency as low as 500 Hz. When exposed to a noise source, the sound waves cause thin foam membranes to vibrate, converting the sound energy to heat energy. This dampens unwanted sound, solving the noise problem.

High density foam and foam sandwiches that contain heavy materials (e.g., vinyl) act as efficient barriers. These materials or composites are primarily used to contain low-frequency noise. The Rogers technical library contains acoustic curves that have been impedance tube tested per ASTM E-1050.