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Consumer Products

Sports Foam Application Solutions

We work hand in hand with customers to provide the right foam application solutions.

Rogers Foam has contributed to the success of a wide range of consumer and sports and leisure products. A key element in our success has been to work hand in hand with our customers’ product development departments, often suggesting resourceful and creative ideas and custom packaging as part of the process.

Here are a few examples of the types of foam application solutions in the sports and leisure space that we’ve worked with:

  • Paddle sport seats
  • Athletic and impact-mitigation apparel
  • Helmet pads

Customers work with us because we offer turn-key production of retail products, including printed and shelf-ready packaging, for such items as buffing pads and cleaning products, gutter protection foam, cosmetic applicators, and baby baths. We also are licensed by the United States to sell bedding products.

Contact our design team to begin the conversation about your project.