Historis front door of Rogers FoamRogers Foam opened in 1947 as a fabricator of latex foam for cushioning applications.  Since then, Rogers has consistently added material and fabrication offerings to meet the growing demand for new foam applications. Family-owned and committed to maintaining the advantages of a closely-held, private company, Rogers is able to maintain focus on critical aspects of a well-managed business, including:

  • Long-term strategic and financial planning
  • Agile, real-time decision-making
  • Personal and cooperative corporate culture
  • Dedication to unsurpassed customer service

Rogers Foam is proud of the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Jim Rogers, and of the ways that this spirit is now an important component of our company culture. Rogers has its roots in the tradition of New England manufacturing, and as we grow we find common ground with similar regional histories in the American Midwest, Mexico, and our U.S./Mexico border cities. As was true in 1947, our employees are our greatest asset.

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