Urethane & Olefin Foams

With expertise in forming all types of cellular materials, including:

Open cell polyether and polyester foams

  • Viscoelastic foams for pressure-free comfort
  • Melamine foam for temperature resistance up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cast urethanes and sponge rubbers for gasketing
  • Fluid handling applications such as synthetic sponges, water absorbers and ink pads

Closed cell materials

  • Polyethylene for packaging
  • Polypropylene for lightweight structures
  • Cross-linked polyethylene for harsh environments and fine surface protection
  • EVA for athletic padding

Polyurethane foams

  • Polyether, polyester, and graft polyol foam provide a wide range of solutions in comfort, filtration, and acoustic management
  • Reticulated foam provides controlled pore sizes from 5 to 95
  • Felted reticulated foam has high capillary action and acts as an excellent liquid reservoir

Polyolefin foams

  • Closed-cell foams including polyethylene and polypropylene are lightweight and tough, yet provide excellent protection and insulation properties

Specialty foams

  • BASF’s Basotect melamine-based foam
  • Rogers Corporation’s cast urethane Poron
  • Memory foam
  • Hydrophilic foam
  • Double-cell foam

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